Poultry processing

Across the industry, increased attention is on bacterial counts, energy costs, and enlarged poultry that is becoming too big for existing lines. Thor-Ice has developed retrofit or bolt on systems that are fully controllable and economical. Their low investment cost saves energy and speeds up production with an optimizing effect on operations and environment. Return on investment is often 1 year or less. Producers are satisfied as they avoid having high investments in and around the chilling chambers, since Thor-Ice solutions easily fit into any existing set-up by boosting chilling results.

Our system for poultry processing are intended for all sizes of poultry producers. ThorIce Slurry Ice machines and systems for poultry chilling have been developed by and in close collaboration with well established European poultry producers, food institutes, and teams of scientists.
Thor-Ice offers solutions that vary in size and can be adjusted to each client’s preferences.