IceGun setup

This is a fully in-line solution made to complement existing chilling lines to improve their efficiency, achieve more rapid chilling, and keep overall chilling costs to a minimum. Thor-Ice IceGuns® (patent pending) are mounted on existing lines and are used to apply and manage Slurry Ice both inside and outside poultry as it passes along the chilling lines. The number of IceGuns® and their position will vary for each individual processor, programmed to meet chilling requirements. Chilling can also be applied directly after defeathering or on the processing line.

Poultry chilling

Thor-Ice Poultry Chilling Solution Is a patent pending solution, developed specifically for poultry processing. Used to chill colder and more rapidly than existing technologies, the Thor-Ice Poultry Chilling Solution helps increase freshness that customers and governmental controls demand, while extending shelf life of poultry. It also increases chilling throughput of the system.


Our system for poultry processing are intended for all sizes of poultry producers. ThorIce Slurry Ice machines and systems for poultry chilling have been developed by and in close collaboration with well established European poultry producers, food institutes, and teams of scientists.
Thor-Ice offers solutions that vary in size and can be adjusted to each client’s preferences.



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