Small machines

  • Thor Ice, S-50, Slurry Ice machine for small fishing boats
  • Can be used on 230-volt electrical charge on land-based electricity or directly off the boats 12 or 24-volt electrical system
  • Chills 500-1.000 kg of fish per day
  • Low cost, compact and energy efficient

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Big machines

  • For longliners, fresh fish trawlers, pelagic vessels and factory trawlers
  • Production capacity can be adjusted to your needs
  • Roburst construction for harsh environment
  • The Thor Ice Slurry Ice is pumpable long distances from the machine to the storage room

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Ensuring the freshness of fresh fish from catch to market is simply what Thor Ice ltd. is all about. Located in the Ocean Cluster House at Reykjavik harbor, Thor Ice ltd is in direct contact with fishermen, processors and consumers alike. No matter small or big fishing boats and vessels, pelagic or whitefish fisheries, land based processing or fish farming, Thor Ice Ltd. provides the right solutions.

Companies all over the world are benefitting daily from the increased quality and longer shelf life of their products, as a result of using Thor Ice Slurry Ice Machines and Systems. Correct chilling and handling has a major effect on the quality of fish, whether frozen or delivered fresh.

The key to success is to chill the raw material within the first hour after the catch comes on board the fishing vessel. The fish should have reached a temperature close to or under 0°C within one hour from catch. This can best be achieved by rapid chilling, using slurry ice.

ThorIce is currently working on a development project, which is supported by the Icelandic Research Fund.

ThorIce has recently entered into a co-operation with Melbu Systems AS in Melbu, Northern Norway. This is a part of our entry strategy for the Norwegian market.